Jennifer Brito

Jennifer Brito


Squat: 225 (for 1 rep, but its a rep!)
Fastest Mile: 9:05, I am trying to get in the 8 min range !!
200 Meters: 35 seconds


Doctorate's Degree in Occupational Therapy (Pending, I start the summer of 2024!)
Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science
NASM Certified Personal Training Certificate

About Coach

My fitness journey started back in 2022 when I was in school for my Exercise Science degree. I initially chose to go to school for Exercise Science because I realized I liked to learn about the body not just in a scientific way but in a performance aspect. I liked to learn how we tick and how we can improve. Although I was learning these ideas, I was not putting them to the test myself, and thus my fitness journey started. I wanted to put myself through what I advocated for and be able to share that understanding with people. For that reason, my journey led me to not only becoming a coach for Spectrum Sports but also Orangetheory Fitness. Both companies have not only provided a space to speak up and teach my passions but also further developed me into the person I am today. Back then, I never thought that little old me would be able to squat the bar let alone 225 lbs!! I want to be stronger, faster, and just overall a better person not only for myself but for the athletes I come across in a day-to-day span. They deserve the best version of me and that is exactly what I want to give them.

Turning Point

It's you. That's it. You are in control of your own story. You dictate what happens to you. We fight for who we are, who we are, and who we want to be. No one else, except yourself.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help those be the person they want to be. Everyone steps into a room with a goal in mind whether they realize it or not. Anyone can do it if they at least try and I want to be there to push themselves when they can't do it on their own :)