Felicia Seigel

Felicia Seigel



  • Graduate of the National Personal Training Institute - Philadelphia location, 4.0 GPA
  • Former founding member of Crossfit Diversion
  • Retired public school educator of 32 1/2 years
  • Assistant Coach for SPARCS Special Olympics Swim Team
  • Specialization in equity work and character education
  • Additional course work through Special Olympics
  • B.S. in Music Education from West Chester University
  • N.J. State certified Music Educator grades k-12

About Coach

Growing up, I was very active and participated in both school sports as well as community sports. While I played scholastic softball, I found most of my athletic success in the pool. I was a diver and swimmer and held a summer record for a high combined point total on the 1-meter springboard. After a long and successful career in public education, I retired and decided to pursue a diploma in personal training and nutrition. I am fortunate to be a member at Pursuit Fitness, and the owner/head coach, Adam, approached me because Spectrum Sports was looking for a new coach. Although I was still pursuing my diploma, James and Dan gave me a chance. After coaching my first class, I knew I had found happiness and joy in life. Working with the athletes always puts a smile on my face. Regardless of what else is going on in my life, I know that the athletes’ smiles, high fives, hugs, jokes, and stories that they share, will make my day better. I have vowed to do nothing in my retirement that does not bring me joy. Spectrum Sports brings me joy every time I step foot in the door.

Turning Point

As it has been for many people, the COVID pandemic became a major turning point in my life. As an educator, I worked hard to engage my students virtually. When we finally went back into the school building, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my chest, but education had changed. Every day became a personal struggle. I knew that I needed to change what I was doing for my own mental and emotional well-being. By the time I retired, I had made a decision and enrolled to start at the National Personal Training Institute at their Philadelphia location. There I learned things, that my brain had never imagined. The instruction both challenged and interested me. When the opportunity arose to work for Spectrum Sports, I jumped at it. Once I began, I knew that I had found my happy place. Unlike so many educators when they retire, I can honestly say, I do not miss my career in education. Many educators say how much they miss the students. The athletes at Spectrum Sports have filled that void for me. I truly love working with every one of them. I celebrate their successes and try to find ways for them to have as many of these successes as possible. Working with the Spectrum Sports athletes has brought me a joy I never expected to find.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose in coaching is to use physical training to bring success, health, and happiness to the special needs population. I am continually motivated by the smiles on the faces of the athletes, the hugs that I am fortunate enough to receive from them, and the high fives that the athletes share at the end of a workout.